The Annoying Kid From My Village‏

When I was a kid:

one day I was in the park with my buddies

We were sat on a bench minding our own business, when along came one of those younger, really annoying kids who would shout a load of abuse/insults and
then just ride off on his bike laughing.

I can’t remember his name, but this one fine day, the said annoying kid came riding past and was doing his usual routine, laughing and winding us older boys up.

We were like 10 years old and weren’t taking that shit.

As he rode past, I can’t remember who it was ;-), but someone threw a stick at his bike… think spear/javelin style.

and it couldn’t have been a better shot.

It went straight through the front spokes, and Jammed in his wheel, and the little bugger went over the front handle bars.

Obviously we were very concerned, and laughed our heads off at his misfortune, poor boy.

Fortunately the boy came off lightly and just had a few grazes.


Life is a bit like this too.

It can quickly change.

One minute you’re (metaphorically) riding along with the wind in your hair.

The next you have your face in the dirt.

Just like Anita, who had terrible balance and very weak legs.

One day she fell into the local Marina trying to get on to her husband’s boat. Very upsetting.

Now I can’t help you avoid ALL the pitfalls in life.

But I can help you avoid some, and have the balance of a cat, when doing day to day activities.

Any challenges like walking on mud, wet grass, gravel, ice or even getting on and off a boat, will be much easier.

Richard Clarke

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