The Case FOR Using Pokemon Go To Lose Weight

Ok sweet cheeks, I have a bizarre story for you today.

People dying.

People being lured to locations and being mugged and stabbed.

Mass hysteria.

It can only mean one thing – the release of a new computer game
– Pokemon Go.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, where have you been?

It’s a new location based game for the phone or tablet, where you need to walk, cycle or run around your area to locate and catch Pokemon.

The purpose of the game is to get people active.

And I must say it seems they have cracked it, and it’s working like nothing I have seen before.

I have witnessed lots of interventions designed to get people active FAIL MISERABLY.

But not this.

Parents are joyous, as their previously obsessed “computer kids”, who ordinarily avoid fresh air and sunlight, are dragging their unhealthy asses away from their play stations and Xboxes to go out and get sweaty.

National Trust sites are reporting visitor numbers through the roof.

Businesses are profiting from the extra footfall.

And Pokemon have even called one aspect of the game – A GYM.

So despite the negatives, it seems there are lots of positives.

In the last couple of weeks it’s been responsible for some real strange, but definitely positive, things happening around our house.

For example:

– My son is asking to walk the dogs with us, which is unheard of.  We were out walking for 90 minutes the other night, as opposed to the normal 20-30

So, whats this got to do with your slimming?

Something, and nothing maybe . . .

The obvious question which comes to my mind is:

Can you use it to lose weight?

And I would say yes.

Especially if you have kids, this is a great way for you all to get out together, be active and have fun, and as a bi-product of all the shenanigans, you could/should drop some timber.

Plus, I realised whilst sitting outside a park alone, smiling, with my phone in my hand, you don’t look as weird (or risk arrest), if you play it with your kids.

Richard Clarke

PS – This is of course one way you could lose weight, but there are others, which don’t involve the risk of dying or getting mugged.

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